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Installation of MEML

It is recommended for an optimal speed to install MEML and all the software it depends on from source code. In particular an adapted ATLAS can distinctly speed up generated programs. So this webpage provides an installation instructions to compile all of the needed software on your system by a given bash-shell-script.

Installation from scratch with the bash-shell-script

  1. First of all make sure that (gnu)make, gcc, g77 and f2c are installed.

  2. Now get the software form SourceForge

    Unpack it and enter the directory

    tar xzf meml-0.7.tar.gz
    tar xzf MEMLDEPS.tar.gz

  3. Fit the software for your hardware and set e.g.

    export MEMLOPT="-march=athlon-xp"
    export MEMLOPT="-march=pentium4"

  4. Let the Shell-script do the compiling


    You have got to follow the instructions of ATLAS like:

    Enter number at top left of screen [0]: 054

    From now on it should work in most cases to press ENTER all the time.
    If not, have a look at troubleshooting or better the ATLAS Homepage.
    After a while everything should be done and you can have a look at the examples in the documentation.

  5. If you are root privileges you can install the software system wide by

    su cp -r $HOME/local/include/* /usr/local/include
    cp -r $HOME/local/lib/* /usr/local/lib

  6. Enter the meml directory

    cd ../meml-0.7/

    If you want to install MEML in your home directory gone on like this

    ./configure --prefix=$HOME/local/ CFLAGS="-Wall -W -O2 $CFLAGS $MEMLOPT -D__HAVE_UMFPACK -I$HOME/local/include/UMFPACK/"

    If you are root privileges you can install the software system wide by

    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ CFLAGS="-Wall -W -O2 $CFLAGS $MEMLOPT -D__HAVE_UMFPACK -I$HOME/local/include/UMFPACK/"

  7. now independently of the last order type now

    make install

  8. A program which uses MEML can e.g. be compiled in the following way:

    gcc foo.c $LMEMLUMF -O2 -march=athlon-xp -o foo

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