Meta Matrix Library
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The aims of MEML

MEML was developed as part of the Free Finite Element Package. Because it can be useful to people who have nothing in mind with Finite Elements, both Packages were separated. Right now MEML provides an easy and consistent access to different Open Source Libraries as The Meta Matrix Library can deal with three types of matrices. A dense matrix format (sdml) in lapack, blas style, the compressed row format (crfl) and a list-based sparse matrix format (ssml). The last format was designed particularly with regard to the assembling process of a Galerkin Matrix in the Finite Element context. So a very good supplementation for MEML would be a hash-based sparse matrix format (hbml) and so this is part of the road-map. Help is most wanted.

The structure of MEML

Every box represents such a module. Boxes with an oval fringe are extern libraries or programs. You can find links to every library under Related Links.


Another very important point is that this software is Open Source Software, that means:

The MEML has a very non-restrictive license. You are not forced to give any changes, bugfix's and supplements made on MEML back to the library. Nonetheless, you are asked for doing it.
In fact in most cases you will benefit from that because your code will be

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