Meta Matrix Library
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Is the library ready for use?

Mostly : Yes.
But it is still a beta-version so you might miss some features and not every part of the library is as optimised as possible.

Is there a port of MEML to Mac, Windows ... ?

I did not test MEML on other systems than Linux and Solaris. It should be very portable and its installation script uses the autotools. So it should be running on every system with a blas and lapack library and autotools. So e.g. an instalation on a Windows System with cygwin should be easy.
Beyond this everyone who wants to port MEML to another operating system is welcome.

Which system is used for the version numbering?

The numbering starts with 0.1. With this version of the library it should be possible to solve some problems and have basic matrix operations to support students in numerical practice session.
If MEML seems to be ready for use in real projects it will be version 1.0.
Everything in between we will figure out if the times comes...

How can I help?

You can help in many ways: Logo Valid HTML 4.0